Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people Essay

Children’s Social Care

Help kids who are in demand and besides if a concern is raised about a kid they will make up one's mind on the class of action to take. For illustration carry out and appraisal and happen out what the child’s demands are and gather all the relevant information that is needed.


They work with children’s societal attention to protect kids from injury. They have functions and duties which include doing a determination on whether a offense has been committed and if it has they will get down an probe and gather grounds from the Children’s societal attention.

Health Professional

They will analyze kids whose hurts they think are non-accidental. If maltreatment is suspected the wellness professional will so alarm the children’s societal attention.


They are the lone 3rd sector administration who can take action when kids are at hazard of maltreatment and they besides provide support to kids and households and a helpline for people to name if they are disquieted about a kid and they besides raise consciousness of maltreatment through advertisement.

Wigan Local Safeguarding Children’s Board

These have peculiar functions and duties to supervise the work of other